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Jeremy Rogers


Jeremy Rogers is a Certified Bob Ross Instructor (CRI®).  He first learned about Bob Ross while watching a Family Guy episode where Bob was parodied. Just a few clicks later...and he was watching old The Joy of Painting reruns on Twitch. He was hooked, just like many in the Millennial and Gen Z generations where Bob’s painting shows have seen a resurgence due to streaming services.


Jeremy pursued his love of the Bob Ross method of painting and became one of the youngest certified instructors in 2018. Jeremy now teaches landscapes and seascapes in the Bob Ross method and travels all over the U.S. as part of the Bob Ross instructors “dream team." He assisted at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History when some of Bob’s paintings were donated to the museum and taught at the opening of The Bob Ross Experience Museum in Muncie Indiana where Bob filmed his popular PBS show. 


Jeremy loves teaching the Bob Ross method and continuing Bob’s legacy of making painting fun and accessible to all.

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