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I am Ashley C Walker and I am a teaching artist who loves kiddos! I am often inspired by the creative ideas of the students that I seek to inspire.


I recently got married and moved to Kennesaw from Columbus, Ga, where for two years I was an art teacher in a public school. Before that I worked in the field of my degree as a Graphic Designer for over ten years. But now I am a teaching artist who loves sharing my passion for art and encouraging creativity in children. 


My personal art includes mixed media, art journaling, acrylic and watercolor. I believe that everyone has creative ability and that the creative process is therapeutic for all ages! I am crazy about using process art with students of all ages… that means that our art projects are more about creative exploration than copying a final product.


I believe that process art with young people allows us to learn by exploring and celebrating a student’s individual creative process and personality. 

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