RITA KETtANI Christiansen

I'm Rita Kettani Christiansen. I am primarily an oil painter. My favorite subjects are people, narrative paintings, and still lives. I love to include cultural expressions and displays when I paint, and I'm heavily influenced by the colors of my childhood.


I grew up in a country that didn't shy away from painting an entire city blue, green, or pink. Cobalt blue was a color I saw everywhere, and I try to include this color when I can.


I have always loved painting, but it is an indulgence I've had to put on hold on and off. Because it was an indulgence, I could not paint often, and when I did, it was my moment and my place. I hope to share my appreciation of painting with everyone who's interested and share some of the tricks I've learned studying old masters. I began as a realist painter but have grown more impressionist with time.

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