Ricardo Aponte

Image by Barry Weatherall

Ricardo is an Atlanta based Director/Choreographer and a three time Suzi Award Winner, whose work has been seen at The Alliance Theatre, Theatrical Outfit, Aurora Theatre, Actor's Express, The Atlanta Lyric, and Synchronicity Theatres among many others. Aponte works with OLLI at Emory University, teaching dance classes to Adults 50yrs and older. He has also choreographed several shows for Habima, whose main focus is to produce musicals featuring adults with special needs.


Aponte’s passion and dedication to offer theater to all communities is what drove him to begin an organization that focuses on an all-embracing multiplicity, through the Theater Platform Project (TPP.) This unique organization is committed to providing affordable performing arts education, while advocating widely for inclusivity and diversity. Its primary focus is to ensure that people from all walks of life, have a platform to discover and develop the artist within!