The Art Station - Big Shanty Staff Member

Mackenzie Sparks, more commonly known as "Sparky", is an illustrator, award winning writer, and graphic designer from Paulding Georgia who has been working digitally for over 8 years. Her artistic history goes back even farther with traditional art lessons, starting at the age of 6.

After attending Kennesaw State University with a concentration in Sequential Arts, Sparky took on a life of teaching and creating comic books. She finds her inspiration in surrealist media, and enjoys animated mediums such as cartoons and anime (her favorite anime is FLCL). 

Sparky specializes in drawing and inking as well as character design for comic books. She writes the stories that she creates, but will occasionally work with other writers to bring their stories to life. Look out for her upcoming book Mouse Maze later this year, 2021! 

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