Ingrid iglesias


Ms. Ingrid has her Master’s degree in Architecture and a Bachelor in Environmental Design. After teaching at the elementary and college levels on a part-time basis while being an Architect and Interior and Graphic designer, she made the decision to switch careers because “teaching has always been a dream” and she loves it!  Originally from Puerto Rico, a small island in the Caribbean where Spanish is the main language, she moved here to Georgia 6 years ago and likes it a lot.  She especially enjoys all the outdoor activities. She enjoys making art, playing brain-teaser games, the beach, reading, and playing some sports (although, unfortunately, not so much recently!)


She teaches 4th-6th grade Math, and 5th grade Gifted Science, in a local charter school and teaches different Art and Design courses during the summer and in after school youth programs.

After teaching for 4 years at The Art Station during summer I camps, she is excited to now begin a new experience of teaching art to children in the afternoon during the school year.


“I hope all kids enjoy my classes the same way I enjoy teaching them!!!”

        -Ingrid Iglesias