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This is an exhibition showcasing stunning artworks from local black artists to celebrate and honor Black History Month.

Trene Briana


Trene’ Brianna’s works of art intrigues the eye through unique techniques and inspires viewers to explore and embrace their individuality through creativity, style and passion. By putting emphasis on naturalistic and humankind characteristics, this artist aims to express appreciation for the endless beauty that life possesses in every corner.

Shaleen Garba


Shaleen Garba is a contemporary artist based in Atlanta, GA, who communicates her art through the language of color, organic shapes, and expressive mark-making. In addition to traditional brushes, she uses pallet knives, spray bottles, or her fingers to help scratch the painted surface. She continues to explore her relationship with paint and the various tools she uses. It's a never-ending journey of humility, confidence, and gladness

Suzzanne Anicette



Jiovnni Tallington


Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, artist Jiovnni Tallington is drawn to embrace the unexpected in creativity.

Currently producing sculpture commissions for public and private collections in the South.